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Green data centre module installation


JSC "Cherry servers" provides dedicated server hosting services. Company is constantly expanding range of provided services and making investments to improve service quality, therefore it has earned a name of reliable dedicated hosting provider both: in Lithuania and abroad. In 2010 JSC "Cherry servers" introduced its brand for foreign markets (BalticServers), and now it is the biggest exporter of data centre services in Lithuania, serving customer from more than 160 countries all over the world. Since the number of company's clients is constantly growing (and so are their needs), the applicant has brought up concerns about increasing energy consumption and heat emission into the environment. In order to decrease negative impact to the environment the innovation which is being successfully adapted in Scandinavian countries, will also be adapted by the applicant. The new module will be installed and it will ensure less electricity consumption while increasing company’s working efficiency. Heat exchange system will also be installed in this module in order to reuse the heat created in its servers and provide heating and hot water for applicant’s premises.


During implementation of the project “Installation of Green Data Center Module” (project No. NOR-LT09-ŪM-01-K-04-001) JSC “Cherry servers” have already fitted premises for the new data center. While carrying out repair works, the electricity and free cooling systems were installed. Currently there are more then 200 000 euros invested in the implementation of this project.

On January 2016 the second stage of project implementation was started. After executing public procurement procedures and signing the agreement with the computer equipment supplier SIA “CRC” (Latvia), components for 43 servers have been purchased. Employees of the company have assembled these servers and other equipment which is necessary for the proper functioning of the data center. The new data center module has started functioning on March 2016 however it is only expected to be fully equipped in the spring of 2017.

The second public procurement for the same amount of server components have been announced on April 2016, the third procurement is expected to be carried on this summer. All currently running servers are equipped with new generation Intel® processors. In addition to this 10G communication channels are being used in order to ensure effective usage of connection speed and significantly improve the quality of services provided by company.

After the module will be fully equipped with servers and other essential equipment the third stage of the project will be implemented by installing the office heating system. This system will provide the heating for office premises using the heat generated from servers thus minimizing the carbon footprint emitted by the new data center module.


Second quarter of year 2016 was very intense for staff of the project “Installation of Green Data Center Module”. During this period around 200 000 euros were invested into purchasing components for servers and 10G communication channels. Currently, the new (fourth) data center module is already running 86 servers connected to high-speed 10G network. Project staff has no intention on slowing down in the 3rd quarter – the applicant is planning to launch procurement procedures for purchasing 34 more sets of server components on August.

Together with improving service quality and service capacity the number of employees and office space is also increasing therefore the need of equipment for the fourth module was re-evaluated. Application for additional assistance and co-financing funds was submitted to Central Project management Agency (CPVA). On 20th September the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania signed the order No. 4-580 which confirms the assignment of additional financing (64 thousand euro) for implementation of the project. Accordingly total value of the project increased to 686 thousand euros. Additional funds will allow to install 40 additional servers, 2 additional uninterruptible power supply units, more powerful recuperation and cooling systems.

After implementing additional activities total capacity of the module will increase from 900 to 1 380 CPU cores. In addition to this consumption of electric power and carbon dioxide emissions per production unit in 2017 will be 40,59 per cent lower (comparing with the alternative of buying additional servers without co-financing).


During the last six months of 2016 the implementation of the project “Installation of Green Data Center Module” has moved toward the end – main purchases for the project is completed (two contracts for purchasing components for 34 and 40 servers were signed with the supplier CRC SIA), the new data center module is running 150 servers connected to high-speed 10G network. The project management team is planning to evaluate savings of planned project expenses and initiate project budget change in order to purchase additional hardware.

Allthough the project is still in the implementation phase its contribution to overall company‘s performance is quite significant. During the 2016 the volume and quality of services increased which lead to rising company‘s productivity (from 17,43 to 23,03 EUR/hour) and increasing operating income (38,6%).

In the last quarter of project‘s implementation the final works for installation of the green data center module will be carried on together with purchace of equiment necesarry for effective work of the module.


30th April, 2017 marks the end of implementation of the project “Installation of Green Data Center Module”.JSC Cherry servers are proud to announce that project was implemented to its full extent – a new data center module with 160 servers connected into 10G network is fully functioning. Heat exchange system have also been installed in order to reuse the heat generated by servers and provide heating and hot water for applicants premises.

Total value of the project is more than 726 thousand EUR: 308 598,98 EUR was co-financed by Green Industry Innovation Programme, JSC Cherry servers invested more than 418 thousand EUR its own funds.