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Case Study: Tempesta

Tempesta FW is an open-source application delivery controller (ADC) built into Linux that provides fast web content acceleration and web application protection. It is built into the Linux TCP/IP stack for better and more stable performance relative to usual modern HTTP accelerators and load balancers. Not only that, but it provides the same user experience as normal Linux installations, meaning that it can be installed on almost any server and is easier to use than hardware appliances.

Founded: 2014
Industry: IT
Key people: Alexander Krizhanovsky
Employees: 15
Headquarters: 1001 4th Avenue, #3200 Seattle, WA 98154
Contact information: +1 206 801 6131 or
The challenge.

As we develop Linux kernel Application Delivery Controller (APC), the initial challenge was to find dedicated servers with a possibility to implement a modified Linux kernel and execute performance benchmarks for our project. We requested Cherry Servers to build a high performance testbed for us, so we could run performance measuring tests on our APC.

The testbed was very sensitive to network latency, so we needed to minimize it as much as possible for the communication between servers in the testbed to be as fast as possible. Without a proper testbed we could not have showed good enough performance results of our APC.

We had to finish our performance tests ASAP and we were expecting to get decent uptime, good customer support, stable network and server customization possibilities from our new provider. Cherry Servers managers and engineers were swift, professional and made us believe that we would get the required testbed with all required properties seamlessly.

The Solution

Although our set-up phase was quite troublesome and we were facing some network delays in the beginning, Cherry Servers engineers worked extensively to help us resolve the issue. After our OS configuration settings were amended, we could finally start our performance tests. As a result of our fruitful collaboration, we have eventually made an excellent testbed here at Cherry Servers, which proved to become our reliable partner.

As for the future we are planning to make additional benchmark testing for large applications. by emulating heavy DDoS attacks to show how effectively our solution can protect against massive and complex attacks.